I called out a salesman at the phone store

crumbling building
crumbling building
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More than a decade ago, my mother joined my family's cellphone plan. For her second phone, she’d done her research — looking online and asking friends about their phones. She settled on a spiffy phone with a QWERTY keyboard, so we went to the local wireless store to get what she wanted. She was ready to communicate with the world with better features.

The salesman barely listened to our request and directed my mother to…

The Jitterbug!

This phone possessed limited features and very large numbers on the keypad, designed specifically for senior citizens. My mouth dropped open, astounded by…


Thrifty Words 100 Challenge #21: Motivation

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Keeping the Sabbath now means I’m not required to exercise. That’s what I said the other day. Perhaps I may also prepare a day-long charcuterie buffet and guzzle a tasty red.

I’ve always been a bit of an unmotivated quitter. I’m hard on myself continually and still have moments when I revile my teenage self. Julie didn’t apply herself when it mattered and stayed in a comfort zone destined to cause such regrets.

I’ve written more health content lately since myriad opinions out there create a perfect avoidance storm for the unmotivated.

Unmotivated. Really, I’m trying not to be.


On not working in retirement

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When I decided to take early retirement last year, I knew I’d be taking a reduced pension. Financial security is a rather big deal for me (is it for everyone?). I created a budget in Excel and it all looked okay. Still, I thought I might want a side gig to fund the fun stuff.

I also feared that I’d grow bored very quickly. Don’t the retirement advisors consistently suggest that you understand yourself and your needs before making the leap?

Out of curiosity, I used LinkedIn to search for writing and editing jobs that might appeal to me. You…

Scripture Prompt

Let Him part the seas of doubt, worry, and difficulty

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He’s already won the battle, don’t you remember?

In the 21st century, we know the whole story, but Moses’ and the Israelites’ faith rested on a host of promises yet to be delivered. It was a day-by-day faith operation. I’m not sure how I’d have felt back then, thousands of years ago.

A former coworker often called me a “Missouri Girl.” The “Show Me State” must surely have a river with my name on it. Trust in Julie’s world can be hard to come by. …

Embrace the Suck and Become a “Beast”

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels

Do you have to be a beast every day? Yes. Yes, you do.

What is a beast? Historically, calling a person a beast denoted something negative like they’re rude, crude, and unacceptable. But more contemporary jargon employs the descriptive term, beast, as a compliment for someone who performs at the highest levels.

So, indeed, you should be a beast every day. I learned incredible lessons about being a beast when I read Embrace the Suck by Brent Gleeson, a bonafide Navy Seal. I chose this book as part of a thematic editorial and personal development plan I developed through Ninja…

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