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Have you established your brand colors? It’s okay if you haven’t yet. You won’t need them until you launch a website, redesign your Medium profile page, or start creating graphics to promote yourself.

That said, there are other “less significant” times when you may want to customize a color for…

Shows font styles
Author created

Your font or typeface choices in your graphics and website design tell a story about you. It may be a short story, but fonts say something.

Font styles fall into three categories: serif, sans serif, design. The graphic above shows the two serif styles. A serif is a little curlique…

Maybe you can design your book cover too.

Book cover design by author JJ Ranson
Author design — in Canva

I’m in a variety of Facebook writing groups and not a week goes by that someone doesn’t ask about book cover design. There are a lot of rules depending on the book format — e-book, hardcover, paperback, or audiobook.

But because so many of these authors are planning to self-publish…


Fifty Word Challenge #71: ‘March’

The first day of March 2022 will be Mardi Gras or better known as, “Fat Tuesday.”

There are numerous ways to view this day:

  • Anticipating the first day of spring.
  • Marking an end to winter in our perception.
  • Celebrating Fat Tuesday — P-a-r-t-y!
  • Giving up something for Lent the next…

Quickly customize a featured graphic for Medium.

Author Creation — Canva

A Facebook Cover template is the right size for a featured graphic at the top of a Medium post. 1200x800 pixels is a good ratio of width to height. This larger size is necessary if you use either of Medium’s two right-most picture formats.

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