What I’ve learned about promoting my writing online

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You have to market your writing

I finished a historical fiction novel and I’m working on two more books. I also write regularly here on Medium, using some posts to also populate my website blog. Whether I publish my debut novel the old-fashioned way using a literary agent and a traditional publisher or opt into the…

Scripture Prompt

We’re responsible to guard our heart

Created in Canva by author

Where would Valentine’s Day be without shiny red, heart-shaped boxes of candy? Or for non-chocolate lovers, do you have a bear with a red satin heart applique lying about somewhere? Though I’m not much inclined to celebrate this obvious Hallmark invention or homage to capitalism (I do love some capitalism…

Maybe you can design your book cover too.

Book cover design by author JJ Ranson
Author design — in Canva

I’m in a variety of Facebook writing groups and not a week goes by that someone doesn’t ask about book cover design. There are a lot of rules depending on the book format — e-book, hardcover, paperback, or audiobook.

But because so many of these authors are planning to self-publish…

How we want your story to look

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These style guidelines ensure consistency of appearance, so Koinonia looks like a high-quality publication. When you are importing a story from another site, please be sure to check that your imported post meets these requirements before submitting.

If you haven’t applied to write for Koinonia, find our application at the…

Julie Ranson

Word Lover. Writer. Self-improver. Believer. Wife. Mother of three adults. Find me everywhere: https://linktr.ee/jjranson

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