With your custom logo

Julie Ranson logo tutorial for Canva
Canva creation- J. Ranson

You likely know the history of the BMW logo — a graphic depiction of an airplane propellor in the colors of Bavaria (Germany). Nike’s iconic swoosh had a simpler genesis.

You, too, can make a statement about who you are through a logo. In Canva, you can create graphics for…



Emojis meet a niche need

Canva creation — J. Ranson

I don’t know about you, but I love the emoji’s on my phone. One is rarely enough in the simplest text message I send. Annoying? Whatev’s…

Bitmoji offers an avatar crafted after you and opportunities to express fun sentiments. I love this phone app even more than the iPhone emoji…



New AI graphic generation set to wow users

AI generated red moon behind tree in Canva
Canva creation using AI — J. Ranson

You can search templates, elements, photos, emojis — you name it — in Canva. But what if you could ask Canva for something strange and special?

Enter… Text to Image under the Discover Apps menu (found in homepage’s left menu).

  1. Click Text to Image
  2. Decide to add to existing project…



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