What I’ve learned about promoting my writing online

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You have to market your writing

I finished a historical fiction novel and I’m working on two more books. I also write regularly here on Medium, using some posts to also populate my website blog. …

What it says about fiscal responsibility and future prosperity

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When Alicia Keys sings this girl is on fire, it’s conceived as a good thing. When a brand new administration in the White House is on fire? Yeah, not so good. Sadly, their messaging whirs like an electric fan on high speed. Can’t stop the fire, to quote Billy Joel.

His administration doesn’t look serious, but maybe it is.

If you’ve paid any attention to national news in recent days, the mainstream media awakened from their democrat-induced stupor and finally reported on the Haitian immigrant crisis in Del Rio, TX. Initially, only Fox News made note of the Haitians living under an enormous bridge, a veritable tent city of…

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I’m not going to mince words. Ask my children. They’ll attest that I am not one prone to beating around the bush. You need to take care of yourself. …

Julie Ranson

Word Lover. Writer. Self-improver. Believer. Wife. Mother of three adults. Find me everywhere: https://linktr.ee/jjranson

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